Alpha Drive Fireproofing and Spray Insulation HQ for CIP

Alpa Drive Fireproofing and Spray Insulation HQ for CIP

The services offered by CIP, on Alpha Drive—fireproofing and spray insulation—are used primarily in industrial and commercial buildings. We are centrally located in Franklin TN, but we service the entire state of Tennessee.  We specialize in commercial fireproofing, spray applied insulation, and intumescent coatings.

Our Clients

Clients who need and use our services own or manage the following types of spaces: 

  • educational facilities
  • hotels
  • retail outlets
  • sports arenas
  • entertainment venues
  • healthcare facilities
  • manufacturing facilities
  • food and beverage facilities
  • churches
  • utility facilities (power, water, waste) 

We have a pretty impressive list of prominent clients. Some of our most recent that you’ll recognize are Audi, St. Jude, F&M Bank Arena, Tennessee State University, UT Martin, Nashville BNA Airport. We mention our prominent clients, not to be boastful, but to assure of the quality work we do.

CIP on Alpha Drive – Doing Business Since 1984 

Our main office on Alpha Drive, is our estimating and project management office. It’s where we started almost 40 years ago. We also have an industrial office in Shelbyville TN. This is also the location of our industrial sandblasting and painting shop

Our Fireproofing Capabilities Include:

Spray Applied Fireproofing and Cementitious Fireproofing– primarily for insulating steel and metal decking from the high temperatures to meet building codes and to protect against failure in case of a fire.

Intumescent Coatings – a product applied primarily to structural members as an aesthetically pleasing fireproofing material.

Our Insulation Capabilities Include: 

Spray Applied Insulation –various fiberglass, cellulose and foam materials that provide thermal insulation and minimize air infiltration.

Acoustical Insulation – also a spray applied insulation to increase the airborne noise reduction between rooms. 

Click this link for more details about our fireproofing services

Request a Fireproofing Quote

To request a fireproofing quote in Nashville, Chattanooga, Jackson, Memphis, Murfreesboro, and Knoxville please contact CIP at 615-790-8822.