Ministries that CIP Supports

The CIP Giving Committee

The Giving Committee exists primarily to make wise decisions and prioritize the many requests that come into CIP’s office each year for giving and support. The Committee reviews the needs within the employee base as they become aware of them and those to be considered.

Our goal is also to filter these decisions for support and funding through; Our Mission, “Coating the construction industry with quality, excellence and integrity while empowering our employees and honoring Christ the Lord.” Our Vision Statement, “Be the leading coatings contractor in our region, living out Good Work is Good Witness.” Our Core Values, QUALITY, EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, RELATIONSHIPS & DEPENDABILITY.

In order to make wise and timely decisions concerning requests, the Giving Committee will “reply all” to emails that describe the requests and provide additional information to be considered. Decisions are usually assessed and documented through the Giving Committee replies to the information and request email.

Currently, the CIP Giving Committee is made up of the 10 following persons:

Commercial Division

  • Charlie Rogers
  • Josh Holman

Industrial Division

  • Bart Blood
  • Todd Barrett

Fireproofing Division

  • Michael Phillips
  • Tara Mays


  • Mike Miller
  • Kayla Bardalez
  • Brandon Maynard
  • Louis Davis