CIP Now Certified to Install K-13

CIP announces that we have earned the certification from International Cellulose Corporation (ICC) for installing K-13 acoustic/thermal insulation. We are proud to be certified to install K-13 because it demonstrates CIP’s commitment to quality and excellence in the industry. 

K-13 is a patented spray insulation system that provides a durable, attractive finish for an exposed ceiling, as well as noise control, and thermal insulation. The ceiling configuration can include metal deck, barrel-vaults, concrete “T”, corrugated decks, gypsum, wood, concrete, and many other complex surfaces.

K-13 meets project requirements for thermal insulation. It has exceptionally low heat-loss characteristics and an R-Value of 3.75 per inch. It also effectively reduces reverberation for noise control, making it perfect for noisy environments like restaurants and open-office plans. 

CIP Is A Leading Fireproofing Contractor in Tennessee 

K-13 Thermal Insulation Nashville Fireproofing Commercial

The photo above shows the natural texture and a standard color installation in a commercial space CIP recently did. Standard colors include black, gray, white, and tan, as shown below, but K-13 also comes in custom colors to complement interior design.

CIP specializes in commercial spray insulation and commercial fireproofing, as required by building codes, and is a member of NFCA (National Fireproofing Contractors Association). To learn more about our spray insulation and fireproofing services in Nashville, Chattanooga, Jackson, Memphis, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and throughout the southeast please contact CIP at 615-790-8822 or visit

Why Being Certified to Install K-13 is Important

International Cellulose Corporation has a very strict vetting regimen for certification. To become certified as an authorized installer, you must pass this regimen. International Cellulose wants only the best installers to install its product so they know it will be done correctly. 

Additionally, International Cellulose will assist certified installers with any problems to make every job perfect. Whether it’s questions about custom color or substrate issues, they have the answers.

Why CIP Wanted Certification from ICC

K-13 is one of the most recognizable spray insulation solutions in the industry. Additionally, the high recycle content of K-13 makes it a great choice for anyone applying for LEED status. CIP also specializes in commercial painting, and industrial sandblasting and painting services as well.