CIP Is a Leader in the Hotel Painting Industry

CIP is one of the leading paint contractors in the hotel painting industry. Evidence of this the large number of hotel projects we have done in downtown Nashville due to the population boom.

Here are just a few recently completed CIP hotel painting projects:


Margaritaville Hotel Painting
165 rooms
located in the Sobro neighborhood
of downtown Nashville

Thompson Hotel

luxury hotel located in the Gulch neighborhood
of Nashville

Holston House

191 rooms
located in downtown Nashville

The Graduate

205 rooms
located in the Midtown area of Nashville on West End


We are also currently working on the 591 rooms of the Grand Hyatt in the Nashville Yards area of downtown Nashville and the 252-room Hyatt Centric in downtown Nashville.

The Challenge of Painting Hotel Projects

One hotel painting challenge is the very nature of a hotel. Unlike a large warehouse or manufacturing facility, a hotel is a combination of many smaller rooms. This means that the working space is tighter, there is constant movement from room to room, and there are multiple color changes.

A hotel also has many different substrates (drywall, wood, metal, floors, ceilings). These require multiple different products for durability and aesthetic purposes. CIP always follows architectural specifications to apply the best product for the proper substrate.

But the biggest challenge is always completing a project on deadline for a Grand Opening. Painting is usually one of the last things in a project. This means we are reliant on other trades and must work in conjunction with them for scheduling to finish our work on time.

Why CIP Always Finishes on Time

We work in conjunction with our General Contractor partners to ensure we complete the job on time and at the highest quality. CIP is equipped with the dedicated manpower, facilities, and resources to get the job done on schedule.

Call Us Today for Hotel Painting

CIP is one of the best commercial painting contractors Nashville has to offer. We are ready to assist with your next hotel project whether it’s in our backyard here in Nashville or in the Greater Tennessee area.