Commercial Painting at the Moxy Hotel

In an earlier blog post, we detailed the fireproofing project CIP did for the Marriott Moxy Hotel beginning in June 2018. After completing the fireproofing, we launched into the second phase of the project – the commercial painting of the hotel.

(Just as a reminder, the Moxy is in a historic building located in downtown Nashville on Lower Broadway on Honky Tonk row.)

Description of the Project

The Marriott describes the Moxy hotel brand as having “buzzy and stylish communal spaces.” So, as you might expect, the commercial painting part of this project was varied and interesting.

The project consisted of several types of finishes throughout, including:

  • painting (walls, wood trim & exposed ceilings)
  • clear sealer on existing interior brick walls
  • CMU (concrete masonry units) walls
  • graphic wallcovering in select areas

CIP used high quality coatings on each type of substrate to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish coat.

Challenges of the Commercial Painting

One of the challenges of this project was applying clear sealing to the existing interior brick walls. The problem was not the application itself. The problem was keeping the existing character of the walls. CIP accomplished this by first sweeping the walls to remove all loose debris. Then we coated the walls with a high-quality sealer. Our technique successfully preserved the original look.

Additionally, the deadline to complete the project was tight because of the Grand Opening date Marriott set. But CIP completed the project on time for a successful Grand Opening.

Experts in Hotel Fireproofing & Painting

CIP is a leader in the hotel finishes market. We were able to provide an all-in-one service with fireproofing and painting for the Moxie Hotel. We are proud to add the exciting Moxy Hotel to our portfolio of completed projects. To learn more about all of our commercial fireproofing services and our commercial painting, contact CIP at 615-790-8822.