Freshen Up Your Facility with Commercial Repainting or Industrial Coatings

There’s nothing that gives a facility a facelift like commercial repainting. If you own or manage one of these types of facilities, you can contact CIP directly for industrial or commercial repainting:

  • Office Building
  • Retail Tennant Space
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Food and Beverage Facility
  • Corporate Offices
  • Shopping Center

Photos of Our Work Done for Facility Owners and Property Managers

We Work Directly with Owners and Property Managers

In the past, you may have contracted for facility improvements or expansions though a general contractor. The general contractor coordinates all the different tradesmen that the project requires. That could be plumbers, framers, roofers, electricians, painters, etc. We provide painting services for many general contractors. But if your project involves only painting, you can contract with us directly. 

Advantages of Working with CIP for Commercial Repainting or Industrial Repainting

When you work directly with us, you will have a direct and personal contact with our project manager. There are no go-betweens. This allows you to outline the exact scope of work, ask questions, and arrange a flexible work schedule. Additionally, you can continue to communicate with the project manager throughout the project. The importance of this direct contact cannot be over emphasized. It is key to a successful project and key to your satisfaction. 

CIP Is One of the Most Trusted Painting Companies in the Southeast

We are one of the most trusted commercial and industrial painting companies in the Southeast. Many general contractors choose CIP because of our commitment to excellence and ability to meet almost any challenge. As an owner or a property manager, you can count on the same 

excellent service when working with us directly. CIP is well positioned to meet your needs. We have the expertise, the manpower, and the equipment to service your needs. 

So, take a look around your facility. Do you need fresh paint or coatings on any interior exterior surfaces? Do any of your process or mechanical equipment such as pipes, tanks, or steel structures need cleaning and coating for corrosion protection?  If so, give us a call at 615.790.8822.