CIP Expands Its Abrasive and Dustless Blasting and Paint Shop

CIP is one of the best commercial painting companies in Nashville, TN. We are in the process of expanding our abrasive and dustless blasting and paint shop at our location in Shelbyville TN. By doubling our existing space, we can continue to keep up with demand. We can also continue to provide our clients with the highest quality industrial sandblasting and industrial painting projects. We have always had the capability to bring components to our shop for sandblasting and industrial coatings. But now that we have doubled our space, we will be able to handle projects with larger components as you can see in the slideshow below.

With our new space, we also can serve more clients at the same time. We are very excited about this expansion! We look forward to continuing our services with existing clients and expanding our reach to new clients.

Abrasive and Dustless Blasting and  Painting

Of course, we are also fully-equipped to do any size job at your location. As one of the largest sandblasting contractors Nashville has to offer, CIP is dedicated to providing the best options for all of our clients.We offer a full range of services for industrial clients that include:

  • Dustless Sandblasting
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Sandblasting Steel / Concrete
  • Internal Pipe Sandblasting
  • Tank Sandblasting and Coating
  • Lead Abatement
  • Tank Lining Blasting and Painting
  • Secondary Containment Coatings
  • Plural Component Spraying
  • Application of 100% Solid Epoxies and Polyurethanes

Customers We Serve

We work with multiple general contractors, steel fabricators, and machine shops on all types of projects small and large including:

  • Fuel Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Piping
  • Skids
  • Frames
  • Structural Steel
  • Railings
  • Poles (Internal and External)

Working with a Certified Contractor

If your facility needs industrial sandblasting and coating, you can rely on CIP to provide you with licensed, well-trained experts. CIP has certifications from SSPC, NACE, OSHA as well as MSHA. No job is too big for us. Call us today for a quote.Dustless Blasting