Performing Facility Maintenance for Owners

 CIP works directly with owners when performing facility maintenance, including:

  • storage tank restoration
  • exterior repainting
  • interior walls and ceilings repainting
  • pressure washing
  • sandblasting
  • applying industrial coatings

A Recent Facility Maintenance for Owners Project 

CIP recently worked directly with the owner of an automotive-related manufacturing facility to restore multiple fiberglass tanks. The tanks, used for storing hydrochloric acid, were in bad need of repair. CIP restored the tanks over the Fourth of July shutdown period so as not to interrupt daily production at the facility.

Scope of the Project 

Type of Maintenance: In the manufacturers process, the facility uses multiple large tanks. The exterior coatings of all the tanks were peeling and required recoating. 

Time Frame: The restoration of the tanks could not interfere with production. So, the project had to be completed over the company’s Fourth of July break. 

Execution: CIP carefully planned the project so the process could accommodate the company’s schedule. 

Our Process

First, CIP began the surface preparation for the tanks by pressure washing to remove loose and peeling paint, as well as contamination. Then, we power tool cleaned the tanks and finished with hand sanding.

The coating of the tank exteriors involved three coats of Carboline. The first two coats that went on were Carboline Phenoline 353 applied at 5.0 to 6.0 mils dft. We chose this coating because it has outstanding overall chemical resistance, its superior barrier protection, and excellent abrasion resistance.

The third and final coat was Carboline Carbothane 133 HB applied at 3.0 to 5.0 mils dft. We chose this coating because it has a low sheen finish with excellent resistance to chemicals, and it is indefinitely recoatable. 

Facility Owners Can Contact Us Directly

CIP will work with you to alleviate maintenance issues and scheduling conflicts to ensure that a quality job will be delivered on time. Call today for a quote.