CIP—Experts in Food and Beverage Industrial Painting

If you are looking for Food and Beverage industrial painting, you have come to the right place. CIP is a leading painting contractor with vast experienced in the Food and Beverage Industry. Over the last several years we have worked with many companies, including:

  • Stratas Foods
  • Taylor Farms
  • ConAgra
  • Jack Daniels
  • Mars Inc

Our most recent project in this industry was for Lewis Bakeries. This project consisted of high pressure washing of the exterior, including pipes, ducts and tanks. Additionally, the customer asked us to paint several exterior areas to provide an aesthetically pleasing view for their customers.

Food and Beverage Commercial Painting Project

The Biggest Challenge of Food and Beverage Industrial Painting

The biggest challenge in working with Food and Beverage facilities is that they are constantly in production. We cannot interrupt production, or the facility would fall behind in supply. CIP works very closely with the Facility Manager, Maintenance Manager and Engineering to ensure production will not be slowed.

Food and Beverage facilities also have many different substrates (walls, floors, equipment, piping and tanks). CIP makes sure we are choosing the right FDA approved coatings for each area and substrate for the facility.

Why You Should Choose CIP for Your Food and Beverage Industry Painting Needs

As previously mentioned, we work in conjunction with Facility Managers to ensure we complete the job on time and at the highest quality. CIP has years of experience painting for the Food and Beverage industry. So we will make sure that our work for your facility exceeds coating standards and does not impact your production.

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CIP is one of the best industrial and commercial painting contractors Nashville has to offer. We are ready to assist with your next Food and Beverage facility project. CIP is able to meet your needs for exterior projects or interior projects, ranging from walls, floors, equipment, tanks, piping or any surface.