Lead and Hazardous Paint Removal Certification by CIP Employees

As one of the leading commercial painting contractors in Nashville, Safety and expertise on the job is important to CIP. That’s why we make sure our employees and field teams receive the best training. Recently, several of our employees completed C3 certification in Lead and Hazardous Paint Removal through AMPP (Association for Materials Protection and Performance). Several more of our employees also took the C5 course to refresh  their existing certifications. 

The Need for Lead and Hazardous Paint Removal Certification

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Removing lead coatings or other hazardous coatings poses a risk to the public, the environment, and the workers themselves. Being certified in the proper removal guarantees that our employees know what the risks are and can implement safety controls and the best work practices. These controls and work practices will protect the public, environment, and the workers during the removal activities. 

The Training for Certification Is Comprehensive

The 32-hour certification course includes hands-on workshops, quizzes, and a final exam. The course itself is very comprehensive and includes the following: 

  • Legal and liability Issues
  • Health effects of hazardous coatings and materials
  • Regulations and monitoring strategies for air, soil, water, sediment, and dust 
  • Respiratory protection and PPE
  • Management of solid and hazardous wastes
  • Control of environmental releases using containment and ventilation
  • Specifications, submittals, and site-specific compliance programs
  • Pre-Planning and worksite preparation
  • In-process and post-Competent Person (CP) responsibilities and demobilization

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