What Makes CIP the Leader in Commercial and Industrial Sandblasting and Coatings?

sandblastingCIP has been a leader in commercial and industrial sandblasting since 1984. With our extensive equipment and manpower, we can handle any size commercial or industrial blasting project. Whether we need to work onsite or offsite, we can meet the requirements. Our newly expanded state of the art blast and paint shop in Shelbyville, TN, allows us to complete projects that require a controlled offsite environment.

CIP Offers a Wide Range of Abrasive Blasting Services

Some sandblasting companies offer a limited number of blasting methods. CIP, however, is one of the most diverse blasting companies in the Southeast. We offer a full range of blasting services that include:

  • Dustless Blasting
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Steel Blasting
  • Concrete Blasting
  • Internal Pipe Blasting
  • Water Tank Blasting and Coating
  • Fuel Tank Blasting and Coating

We Employ the Best People

Unlike your average blasting company, we don’t believe in using contract labor. Our blasting teams consist of employees who are committed to providing the best quality of work for the success of your project.

We make sure our employees have the proper training and the proper certifications to perform the work necessary to complete any project. Our employees, both in our management teams and in our painting and sandblasting teams, have been with CIP for many years. Collectively, the experience they have is unmatched in the industry. They can tackle any problem, from lead paint removal/containment to overcoming weather challenges to finish on time and on budget.

Call Us for a Quote on Your Sandblasting Project

Although CIP is well-known for sandblasting Nashville landmarks, we also can service the entire Southeast. We have completed projects all over Tennessee, as well as Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, and more. If you need commercial or industrial sandblasting (and coating), call CIP for a quote. No job is too big for us.