Tank Sandblasting and Painting Services by CIP

tank sandblasting - sand blasting tankMany companies don’t know where to turn when they have a need for fuel tank sandblasting, water tank sandblasting, or sandblasting of other types of large tanks. Located in Franklin, TN, CIP is one of the leading industrial sandblasting and commercial painting companies in the Southeast. We specialize in tank sandblasting and painting services to commercial, industrial, and governmental facilities within a 200-300 mile radius.

Whether it is a deadline, the weather, containment issues, or working in conjunction with other contractors, CIP is up to the challenge.

Tank Sandblasting Equipment to Do the Job Right

CIP offers tank sand blasting and painting services for even the largest projects. We have blast pots from 300 pounds to 8 tons. One of our newest pieces of equipment for sandblasting tanks is the Faster Blaster. It’s faster, generates less waste, creates less dust, and achieves a more uniformed blast job. We also have equipment for every need on a job including:

  • aerial lifts
  • dust collectors
  • airless sprayers
  • Vac loaders
  • decontamination trailer
  • air compressors
  • containment rigging
  • and much more

CIP Offers Tank Sandblasting and Painting Services that Meet OSHA Requirements

Every industry has specific OSHA requirements it must meet. Often it is too difficult for a sandblasting company to comply with these necessary OSHA requirements. CIP can easily comply with OSHA requirements, and we also can provide the proof or certification required to do your job. We train our crews in specific tasks, and we make sure they meet the health requirements specified by OSHA. For example, we are often asked to provide proof of aerial lift training. Or we are asked to provide medical evaluations or certifications for wearing a respirator. We also can meet OSHA training requirements for the following:

  • hazardous communication
  • fall protection
  • lead awareness
  • first aid and CPR
  • forklift operation
  • scaffold safety
  • electrical safety
  • and much more

Contact CIP for Tank Sandblasting Services

Call CIP at (615) 790-8822 to learn more about our tank sandblasting and commercial painting services.