CIP Is Expanding to Service More Clients

CIP, a well-known commercial and industrial painting, sandblasting, and fireproofing company, is expanding to be able to handle more clients in all sectors with all our services, including:


  • Steel Fabricators
  • General Contractors
  • Manufacturers
  • Entertainment and Hospitality Venues
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Educational Institutions
  • Power and Utility Companies

CIP Is Growing in Locations and Square Footage

Currently CIP has three locations in Tennessee – Nashville, Shelbyville, and Franklin:

  • Fireproofing Office and Fireproofing/Commerical Warehouse
    101 Centennial Circle, Nashville TN
  • Industrial Sandblasting and Paint Shop and Office
    136 Eaton Drive, Shelbyville TN
  • Commercial and Administrative Office
    104 Alpha Drive, Franklin TN

New Nashville Location Opened in March 2024

The new Nashville location has office and warehouse space for the Fireproofing Division (1,500 SF office; 8,500 SF warehouse) and the Commercial Painting Division (500 SF office; 4,500 SF warehouse). All equipment and materials for fireproofing and commercial painting are now housed at the Nashville location. This helps with inventory management and makes it much more convenient for work crews to get the tools and supplies they need on the way to a jobsite.

New Paint Shop Construction Starting in July 2024

CIP is in the process of building a new Industrial Paint Shop adjacent to its Sandblasting Shop at its Shelbyville location. CIP expects the new building to be open for business in January 2025. 

The new building (see architectural rendering ) will be 14,460 SF, with approximately 11,000 of that being a dedicatedpaint/spray area. The spray room will be 73’ x 150’ long. It will have a 10 ton overhead crane, air filtration/ventilation, conditioned space, and full sprinkler system.

New CIP Paint Shop Rendering

This new building will more than double CIP’s paint shop capacity. It will increase efficiency and handle larger jobs with its overhead crane, oversized doors, and higher ceilings.

CIP Is Growing Manpower

With the addition of more employees, CIP has increased its capacity to take on more and larger jobs. In 2024 thus far, CIP has added 14 new employees. The distribution of manpower breaks down to:

  • 2 new employees in the Office Division
  • 4 in the Commercial Division
  • 3 in the Industrial Division
  • 5 in the Fireproofing Division.

Growing in Employee Benefits

CIP shows how it values its employees with fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. 

  • In the spring of this year (2024), CIP upgraded employee benefits to include a “living wage” adjustment. 
  • Additionally, CIP added an employer-paid $450 monthly HSA (Health Savings Account) benefit to the CIP Insurance Plans. 

Already, employees are praising the blessing these benefits are to them and their families.