Industrial Sandblasting and Painting of Roxborough Water Tank

The Roxborough water tank is a two-million-gallon water tank, and it is owned and operated by Metro Nashville Water Services.

Quality is a high priority for CIP and for Metro Nashville Water Services. Because of this, CIP hired a third party coatings inspector to evaluate every step of the process from abrasive blasting to applying the finish coat. The partnership formed between CIP, third party coatings inspector and Metro Nashville Water Services ensured that this water tank will not require rehabilitation for many years to come.

Scope of the Project

industrial sandblastingThe water tank is 58′ in diameter and 100′ tall. CIP abrasive blasted the interior to SSPC-SP10/NACE No.2 Near White Metal Blasting standard and applied a three coat coating system. The exterior was abrasive blasted to SSPC-SP6/NACE No. 3 Commercial Blast Cleaning and a three coat system was applied.

All coatings were supplied by Sherwin-Williams. The exterior topcoat is a premium, ultra-durable ambient cured high solids fluoropolymer that should hold its color and sheen 20+ years. CIP worked closely with the general contractor as repairs were being made to the tank.

CIP Uses the Latest Equipment

CIP utilized a new piece of equipment to abrasive blast the exterior of the tank. This equipment is called Faster Blaster. This is a remote controlled abrasive blaster that is faster, generates less waste, creates less dust and will achieve a more uniformed blast job.

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Meeting the Weather Challenge

Weather is always a factor when working on water tanks. CIP met the challenge of cold weather by heating the interior with indirect fired heaters so painting work could continue.